XS - Premium Black - En Vogue - Marilyn White
XS - Premium Black - En Vogue - Marilyn White

XS - En Vogue - Marilyn White

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XS - En Vogue - Marilyn White

  • Rose color: Marilyn White
  • Real roses that last at least for 1 year and by handling carefully even several years.
  • No water required
  • Size of the box: XS (5 cm diameter, 10 cm height) 
  • breathtaking scent
  • golden Blossom-Charm

Hint: Rose color may differ slightly from the product images.



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Blossom Box stands for everlasting flowers which are the perfect solution for those who love the stylishness and presence of a stunning arrangement of romantic and trendy roses and other lovely flowers. The difference between our bouquets and freshly cut flowers is nearly impossible to see as real rose petals and other structures are perfectly preserved. To retain the original shape and texture of your blooms, they are carefully produced by using a method that allows you to enjoy your bouquet at its most impressive moment, that may last forever. If treated with love they deserve, our arrangements will add esthetic and elegance to your interior year after year.

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